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Long Weekend.

This past weekend I drove down to San Fran to compete in the kengarden!! I left with some new kendamas, some new threads, and a bunch of new friends!! cant wait to go back!! Updates on the battle and the entire weekend will be posted on TheKengarden.com soon.

Where I’v been…

2 weeks ago me and my girlfriend left for a vacation to Oregon and Utah, so if you have tried to contact me that is why I have been hard to reach. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to play or film any kendama, I did some skiing in oregon and had my 22nd birthday in Utah (im getting old haha). It was a very fun trip, but now I am back in Lake Tahoe NV working for the rest of the summer and back to work on edit #3 which I know manny of you have been waiting awhile for haha but I assure you it is in the works. For my birthday, because I was in Utah and my girlfriend had never ridden a roller coaster, we went to a theme park!! here are some pictures from our adventure!!

Dana playing Kendama by the Deschutes river with the grounded skies!

On the road for a total of 28 hours!!



Temple and cherry blossoms in Utah.

Haha it worry’s me they need a sign.


Me and Dana!

Me and Chandler!

Zebra scream!

The best birthday dinner ever!!!

Stay Tuned for more updates!!

Another First in Lake Tahoe

Charlie Jurzenski a Lake Tahoe local has just dropped his first edit!! He has a lot of sick tricks and the music is dope!! I am very happy to see so much positive energy with kendama coming out of Tahoe right now!! Great work Charlie!! check it!!

Zebra Scream

My good friend and teammate Tj Kolesnik Has just dropped his newest kendama edit with his Ube’s Icecream Shop custom!! check it out!!

Mini Edit

After losing my entire 3rd edit due to a computer crash, I received my Ube’s Icecream Shop custom kendama “grounded skies”. I have made a short little edit, its nothing special but hopefully this will keep you entertained until I get my 3rd edit together. Hope you all enjoy!!

The Bold Italic

Check out this amazing article from Sarah Han about the February Kengarden battle!!


Jake Wiens, the brains behind the Kengarden!!

Grounded Skies!!

After some stressful hangups with the weather and the postal service, my Ube ice cream custom kendama finally arrived! I cant even begin to describe the amount of detail that goes into these kendamas. The pictures I have taken cant even come close to showing the amazing colors and designs that Ube has created. Here she is my new prized possession. EDIT COMING SOON!!





Stay tuned I will be making an edit with just this kendama!!!


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